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Choosing The Right Type Of Bass Drum Pedal

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Bass drum pedals is used by drummers striking, and it produces the rhythm for the song you perform. There are various types of bass drum pedals available in the market. Each one has different features. You can also choose one based on your taste and preference. There are various factors to be considered when choosing the right type of bass drum pedal. You can go for high quality double bass pedal when you expect a good performance from your drum. Different countries make use of different type of drums. The link www.gulf-times.com/story/577564/Get-ready-for-African-drum-beats talks about the drum beats performed by Africans.
The article below would offer you the required knowledge about bass drum pedal so that you can choose the right bass drum pedal based on your requirement. It also lists the various type of pedals and drives of the bass drum which are available in the market.

Types of Pedal Drives
Pedal drive is a mechanism which serves as a connection between the footboard and the beater. There are three types of pedal drives. They are detailed below.
Drummers mostly use chain type drive pedals. This type of pedal comes with a single or double chain. The double chain pedal is durable, and it prevents the side by side movement and friction. The double chain type pedal drive is mostly used by drummers. Single chain drive pedals are used in entry-level drums. There are drums with single chain drive which makes it more quick and responsive.

Belt Drive type pedals replace the linked chain used in chain type pedal drives with belts. Drummers feel lighter when making use of belt drive pedals. The belt drive models are known for its durability and last for several years. The failure rate of belt drive pedals is very less as belts do not have any master links. It is easy to monitor the wear of a belt than that of the chain drives pedals. When the belts collapse, they try to be stiffer, and it offers a better balance.

Direct drive type pedal serves as a connection between the footboard and beater. It avoids the flexing that occurs in another type of pedal drives. Direct drive type pedals are known for its high response, speed, power, etc. This type of pedal drive is suitable for drummers who prefer speed, and precision. Drummers feel that this type of pedal is uncontrollable, compared to another type of pedal drives.

Footboards come in varied sizes and shapes. The two important types of footboard are standard and longboard version. Standard footboards come with a hinge which provides a base which is flat. The base is not responsible for the playing action. Longboard type of footboards does not have the hinges so the complete length of the footboard can be used as a playing surface. This type of footboards offers better comfort than other types.

This is used to connect the drive to the beater. There are two types of cams namely linear cams and offset cams. Linear cams maintain the constant beater speed as the radius does not change. Offset cams accelerates and this makes the radius to increase. You can experience whip action and sudden burst of speed on your stroke end when making use of offset cams.

The above are the different types of bass drum pedals available in the market.

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